Cedar Stock

Paneling, Siding & Decking

Cedar V-Match

Available in 3″,4″,5″,6″

Makes an excellent indoor paneling or outside siding!

Cedar Eased Edge Decking

Available in 3″,4″,5″,6″

Also available as Square Edge Decking

Cedar Tongue & Groove

Available 3″,4″,5″,6″

Rough on one side. Makes an excellent inside paneling or outside siding

Cedar planed both sides

Available 3″,4″,5″,6″

Select to clear

Available in Random length 6′-16′, width 3″and up, Thickness 4/4″, 5/4″, 8/4″

Wide Cedar

We also offer…

  • Round stock in various sizes up to 20′
  • Raised bed material for gardeners
  • A huge stock of 2nds that are great for Crafters
  • A wide variety of rough Cedar (4/4,5/4,8/4)
  • And a whole lot more! Just give us a call if you have any questions



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